Реєстрація в програмі Brooks Forever


Whilst not giving an extra guarantee beyond the legal terms, we emphasise the fact that BROOKS Products are made throughout of the best material to be obtained, which, combined with experience and careful workmanship, and constant testing, is the best and safest guarantee that can be given. (An Excerpt from The Brooks Book for Cyclists, 1907)

10 YEARS GUARANTEE on all Brooks Saddles. By registering for the Brooks Forever service you extend our standard 2 year guarantee to 10 years. The registration will also provide a PROOF OF PURCHASE for all our products, and will allow us and your Brooks Dealer to determine when your product was purchased.

(Note: Saddles with a Carbon rail are not eligible for the extended 10 year guarantee)

SADDLE REGISTRATION In order to register you need to know the production lot of your saddle. It is a 3 digit code which is stamped on the bottom of the leather top. This code is a sequence of “number, letter, number”.

WARRANTY CLAIMS Brooks England Ltd. will not accept claims due to crashes, accidents or low saddle maintenance and care, as in the common case of cyclists who forget to tension their saddles and end up sitting on the metal structure or cyclists who ride a completely saturated saddle.

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